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2020 Samhain Blue Moon Prosperity Crystal Grid

Samhain Blue Moon Prosperity Grid

I have been tinkering with the idea of working more with crystals these past few months. After several trips to a local crystal shop (Rock Paradise), my stash of crystals and stones has been growing as I read up on the subject and carefully learned the attributes and powers of each one.

The most PERFECT grid found me through Etsy back in August – one with a dragonfly motif. It has lived under my desk as a constant reminder it wants to be used, patiently waiting until the right time and reason to come out and play.

Unfortunately, even with raw crystals being as little as $2.00/each, populating a grid with anywhere from 2 – 8 of each stone can be pricey. There was a moment where I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to drop the $40 in time for Samhain, but the Goddess provided the needed funds through a website client that owed me for work done throughout the year. I went straight from the client to the bank to Rock Paradise and bought what I needed.

I’d like to give a shoutout to store staffer Mandy for all her help. She was a joy to work with and her intuitive picks for my gridding project were in perfect alignment with my thoughts and ideas as well.

I am also grateful for the vast wisdom and love of her community by Dr. Athena Perrakis of Sage Goddess. It was her Blue Moon Samhain ritual that inspired me to do a prosperity grid this year instead of the usual honoring the ancestors/parting the veil work we pagans tend to engage in. While listening to her YouTube live broadcast on my way home from work, she convinced me it was absolutely the right ritual and perfectly timed to do this year.

Anyhoo, I had hesitated at first to upload a pic of the finished product, but then realized that it might help someone else to see how it turned out, so here is the finished grid. As Dr. Athena suggested, I am keeping it up for the rest of the year to continue its work and as a reminder that I am not alone in my quest for financial stability in 2021. As the Celtic New Year begins, may we all find more prosperity in all ways (not just financial) in the coming year.


)O( Luna

Nocte Libri’s A Lost Heart – a live chapter reading from the Dragonfly Temple Chronicles

I am really excited to have finally produced this first of my free eBook chapter readings in video and audio format! This has been a thought swirling around in my head for a few months now, it just took getting the proper attire together in its full splendor.

It is my sincere hope that you enjoy the video and will go on to read the chapter this is taken from – A Lost Heart.

A Lost Heart is the first of a double chapter that tells this mini-story of two lovers in the Temple of Whocate. The sequel Bittersweet is available to read to all my Patreon supporters at the lockdown price of only $1.00, but beware. You might just fall in love with the handsome cameraman Zach Frack if you’re not careful…


)O( Luna

The Not-So-Subtle Signs of the Universe

rather be writing on whocateThis has been happening for a long time now…so long I should have a bumper sticker on my car that says, “I’d rather be writing”.

Every time I am away from my desk – practically without fail – I desperately want to be writing, or I get ideas for my current story series or both.

And it isn’t just me that wants me there.

Back when I would take nightly walks around our apartment complex with my husband (we did that for a few years), I would see the names of my characters on cars. Not just on their cars, but on their license plates. You wouldn’t think this a big deal or unusual unless the names were themselves unusual. I mean, how many people have the name, “Tora” as a personalized plate? It just happens to be the name of an evil character in Book III of my series and as it turns out, I kept seeing this name on a car in another parking space a lot. We laughed about it, I said, “Okay Universe, I get it. I need to be writing right now.” and would go on about my business.

One day I saw that plate and TWO OTHERS with my character’s names.

At first it was spiders. Spiders are one of my totems. They are the writers of the insect world, the storytellers. Every time I saw one and told my husband, he would say, “Yep, better get back to work or they’re going to send the Godzilla of all spiders to send you a message you can’t ignore!” So, I kept doing other things – working, shopping, sleeping, everything else and cramming writing in when I could. So, the Universe sent “The Godfather” of spiders – a big one, just to make sure I got the message. I did, but still wasn’t writing as much as I longed to. Then the Universe sent the Godfather’s Wife – another one almost as big!

Sometimes they showed up near my desk, sometimes on my desk. One lives here right now – a teeny, tiny one, between the bottom of my monitor and the stand – a constant reminder to get to writing.

I write a lot more these days, so the reminders haven’t been as big. Literally.

So back to today’s reminder from the Universe.

I have been excited all week about this next section of my story I am now penning. It’s an idea I had back as far as February of this year – two months after I had conceived of the idea of the Plainsville story arc. Funny, it seems longer that this character’s been haunting me, first as a minor antagonist in a past life of one of the main characters in Book II. Now he’s taken on a life all of his own – demanding a major role that will span not one but two books. And the more I have thought about him, jotted down notes on his character and written snippets of his escapades, the more evil, sadistic and crazy he gets.

He’s absolutely fabulous!

So what does he have to do with the Universe sending me reminders to get to work? Well, this weekend is going to be the mother of all heatwaves – soaring to 107 today, so I was determined to do all my errands in the morning and hide out in our air-conditioned apartment the rest of the weekend, doing as much writing as I can. Coming back from Walmart, I saw this car:

McLaren car on whocateI know you can’t see the name of the car, but I caught it. It’s one of those super-expensive, $300,000 cars that seriously has no business being around the neighborhood I was driving in, but there it was, on my way home.

If I told you the name of my character had something to do with the name of the car, would you be surprised at this point? I hope not. Well, the name of the car is McLaren.

The name of my character is “Spooky” McLaren.

Yup, okay, Universe, I get it.

Get back to work!

“I’d rather be writing” bumper sticker available on Etsy here.

The Signs of Change

The week following the passing of my client was busy and strange. I thought I would have bounced back faster than I did from nearly four years of full-time work, much of it fraught with long periods of stress. As it turned out, it took me two weeks to come down from the experience enough I could feel the changes in my feet and shoulders for the better.

My husband and I were invited during this week to my client’s memorial. The day of the memorial, I found a dead bird on our front porch. This happened a couple of times at our old house and then it was never a good sign. Concerned, I looked it up and was relieved to see that it mostly means “change”, but whether that be for good or bad was a flexible variable not set in stone. Here is what it says,

“A dead bird does not necessarily mean disappointment or misfortune through loss while it most likely always means the end of something – and the beginning of something. Perhaps you have reached the close or end of some term and it’s time for you to prepare for another.”RichardAlois.com

While one might argue that this is screamingly obvious (and, of course, it is!), I have been taught to be open to what the universe is telling me and interpret its signs for meanings applying to me personally that I might have otherwise missed. Yes, there is big change occurring in my life and now the Universe was reminding me it would be to my benefit to keep that in mind as to new paths and options that will be opening up to me as a result.

The struggle to adjust to that change can be overwhelming at times. There is the physical and emotional shock of it to consider, that being the first thing that hits one when a friend, loved one or, in this case – a client, has died. While I had known since the first week in May that it was now inevitable there would be a change in his condition, it was not apparent until about two weeks before his actual passing that he would not survive to see a nursing home. And while it is true that I could have prepared better by reapplying to my caregiving agencies for the next job – or even have quit this one and taken another position, I had made a promise to him to stay until the end and see it through. 

We all need our grieving or mourning time. It isn’t appropriate or emotionally healthy to rush through it, ignore it and plow ahead to the next thing, whatever that may be. Even if it is financially necessary, humans need time to adjust and adapt before moving on. We need that time to take a breather and start fresh. I was fortunate enough to have been given a small severance bonus that allowed me to take that adjustment time at my own pace, it allowing for just enough time to accept the situation and move on. The Universe was watching out for me and for that, I am very grateful.

)O( Luna


Dark Wood Tarot: Delving into your Shadow Self

dark wood tarot box

Back in the beginning of May, I blogged about a wonderful Kickstarter tarot deck project called, “Botanica: A Tarot Deck about the Language of Flowers”. I supported the project, which

was wildly successful, and am expecting its delivery in November when they go to print.

I ran across yet another amazing deck on a livecast during LlewellynCon 2020 last week. It was so breathtakingly beautiful, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was like love at first sight! I hunted it down the next day, lucked out when a bookstore I was near had it and immediately bought it.

The deck, called, “DARK WOOD TAROT” by Sasha Graham, is illustrated by the Hugo award-winning artist Abigail Larson and was just printed this month. The timing couldn’t be better, the deck couldn’t be more beautiful!

There is a Summer Solstice sale going on at Llewellyn books with up to 50% off through June 27th. One of the decks on sale is this one I ran out and bought this week.

I am currently reading through the booklet that came with the tarot deck, spending each night before going to sleep to familiarize myself with each card and their individual meanings. With 78 cards, it could be a daunting task if I sat down and tried to learn them all at once, so taking them a small step at a time like this seemed the best approach until I started working with them on a day-to-day basis.

So why did I procure this new deck and what does it have to do with The Dragonfly Temple Chronicles? All is explained in my latest YouTube video here:

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