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10-21-19 Update

luna whoticore high priestess of the dragonfly temple of whocate

Greetings All

Merry Meet all as we greet a new week here in the Dragonfly Temple of Whocate. This is my 10-21-19 update for the past week’s activities. And what a wonderful week it was.

So Much Done!

rune draw 10-10-19 on whocate.info

I hope everyone enjoyed the blog post on getting back to reading the runes. This is a form of divination that resonates deeply with me. I attribute this to me always striving to be as honest with people as possible. There is no other form of divination out there that to me is as brutally honest as the sacred runes. It is my goal to do at least a couple of rune pulls each week so I can come back into complete alignment with their power and will, using them as a guide in my pathworking.

How utterly bizarre of me to forget to upload last week’s YouTube video here on the 2019 Pagan Pride event in Long Beach. It was probably due to the fact of me having so many different social medias I am posting to. I had to resort to keeping track of what went where on a spreadsheet, it got so crazy. So, after you read this, go watch it and enjoy. If you like our videos, please hit the “subscribe” button and comment and like the video. It lets others know they are out there and that you think they are worth me continuing to do. Many more videos are in the works, including chasing my dragonfly totems at a local sanctuary and an interview with The Green Man’s owner, Griffon, during Saturday’s Psychic Faire at his store in North Hollywood.

Upcoming this Week

Last week I also announced a patreon paid update coming soon to the vignette, The “Cursed of House Whoticore”, greatly expanding where it left off after it was revealed Loki Whoticore had given all his life force to create a new child with the Patroness of his rival, House Solare. Fans of the Whoticore’s Seeress, Sarlayna Whoticore, will be treated to her presence yet again, as well as getting to meet the younger versions of her sons Narik and future House Head, Erik Whoticore. Oh and Young Jim is in a boatload of trouble with them, as you can imagine, if you read the latest free preview, “The Cursed of House Whoticore”!

That’s all the time I have for updates. Gotta get back to work.


)O( Luna

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